Beautiful moment

July 21 2016

By Edward M. Stevens, Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc., Cleveland


Cleveland police officer joins group praying for peace

I am very proud of my city and my state. After witnessing our first major sports championship in Cleveland after more than 50 years, we have witnessed another event of extraordinary magnitude. It’s the Republican National Convention.

With the sadness of police ambushes in Dallas, Baton Rouge and elsewhere in our minds, the song of Blue Lives matter broke through along with demonstrations of love for the three thousand police who protected the Quicken Loans Arena from danger.

The beauty of our skyline from the apron near the Rock and Hall of Fame greeted the delegates for a first evening of music, great food and breathtaking views that define our metropolis.

No matter what we may think of the Republican candidate, we should all recognize that our venue and the Trump show captured the attention of the United States and the world with media from all over the globe and audiences who have a chance to discover whether the messages and candidate resonate with them.

Where will our country be one year from today? How safe will our world be? What will the economy look like? How well will small businesses be doing? Will it make a difference to have an outsider become president? Or should we stick with the establishment?

A bit of history. In 1924 and again in 1936, Cleveland hosted Republican National Conventions. In the second election, Calvin Coolidge won in 1924; Alf Landon lost in 1936. What will happen this year?

Cleveland rolled out the red carpet to over 50,000 people. We revel in the fact they enjoyed their time here. When I switch from CNN or Fox to watch our beloved baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, on our sports channel, I find they are still on a path to the World Series. Cleveland will never be the same.


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