How to choose the best PR agencies in Europe

August 19 2019

Variety is the spice of Europe

Europe is the continent of variety: language, habits and cultural sensitivities vary enormously, sometimes even within single countries! My own country Belgium being a prime example, a uniform approach does not work for both the Francophone and the Dutch-speaking parts of this small country.

If you are looking for the best PR agencies in Europe you will have to keep this variety in mind, your success will depend on it. Using a local PR agency in the market you want to approach ensures you take this individual DNA into account. But which agencies to choose?

Local knowhow with international quality

The best ones usually have one thing in common; they are affiliated to wider PR-networks, such as our organization, the Public Relations Global Network. It allows them to share knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest PR developments. Moreover, members can easily cooperate internationally on behalf of their clients.

PRGN: think global and local

“PRGN is a unique network, because it consists entirely of independent agencies, locally embedded and with a great knowledge of the industry and media landscape in their markets” says Uwe Schmidt, co-owner of Hamburg, Germany, based communications firm Industrie-Contact AG and Vice President for the EMEA region of PRGN. “Having one uniform approach in the whole of Europe is usually not the best PR strategy, adapting to the local markets is key. It’s also important to note that PRGN is an invitation-only network with a tough assessment on quality and expertise.”

Through PRGN, multiple experienced practitioners in different markets can work together and navigate market-specific challenges, both in B2B and B2C fields. Thus, whether you are an international company seeking a PR firm for your operations overseas, or you’re based abroad and you want to strengthen your local, regional and global markets, you’ll find Europe’s best public relations agencies at PRGN.

For browsing the European agency members of PRGN, visit the regional page here:


Frédéric Francois
General Manager, Two cents
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