Just graduated college? Follow PRGN toward PR jobs near you

July 22 2019

Is PR one of your options to start your career? Searching the web for PR jobs can be an enormous task and you’d often be thrown into confusion. The PR industry has become so diversified and almost borderless and at the same time the “think global, act local” thinking leads you in global business. Which means your opportunities are wide open.

The Public Relations Global Network is an alliance of PR and communications agencies across six continents, where you can search for work or internship opportunities globally and locally. By visiting only one website at www.prgn.com you can easily explore 50 different agencies – and their strengths and expertise – and learn about PR job openings globally from a single source here: www.prgn.com/pr-jobs/

How to find the right option for you? Here’s a little guide to help you make the right choices:

  1. Visit com

PRGN agencies are independently owned and operated agencies with each of them having their own features and specialties. In the agency directory you can find out which agency is located where and which are focused on specific industries or service areas.

  1. Go visit to case studies of agencies.

As fresh grads, you may not be familiar with what PR agencies do and what tasks – and achievements – the jobs may involve. Case studies will tell you about the type of issues agencies deal with and how they are solved and what with what results. They are real life examples and demonstrate well the challenges agencies face and the differences their work makes for clients and communities. Across the 50 PRGN agencies, there are plenty of examples to learn from.

  1. Read our blogs

Our members regularly write blog pieces, like this one. Through these posts you can get to know industry trends, market intelligence and even a writer’s personality. The PRGN blog covers well what’s happening in PR right now and showcases how professionals think and foresee change in the industry. They are true and up to the trends; the best book for your as a PR guide.

  1. Learn from professionals directly

While they range widely in size and fields of expertise, all PRGN agencies are owner operated with a hands-on approach by agency owners and principals. Especially if you are a fresh grad, it can be a strong value proposition to work directly with top management, learn directly from them and be appointed to lead some projects. And as PRGN agency principals and leadership members meet every six months in person – you can also learn about the latest PR and communications industry trends and practices from other parts of the globe.

Hope this helps you get ready to find you ideal PR job.

Judy Kuramata
Executive Director/Principal, Integrate Communications
After graduating from the University of California, Judy began her career at an international advertising agency. She spent more than 12 years as PR/Marketing manager at several major cosmetic companies, such as Chanel, Revlon and Maybelline. After she left the cosmetic industry, her career field shifted to fashion, including representing such brands as DeBeers Diamond and Patek Philippe.