The Great Brexit Debate: German media reacts to Brexit

July 1 2016

By Henryk Deter, cometis AG, Wiesbaden (Germany)


“A 1966 goal in retrospect …”

The predominant message across all forms of German media has been one of regret about the result. Most commentators agree that a unified EU is necessary to address common European and global challenges. They also believe that the EU needs the UK.

“Europe is dead – long live Europe?” headlined the weekly Der Spiegel magazine and Bild, Germany’s best-selling daily, offered to recognize the Wembley Goal of 1966 if Britain remained in the EU.

The liberal-leaning Süddeutsche Zeitung greeted its readers with “Bye-bye Britain.” In an editorial, the paper warned of the consequences for the stability of the rest of the EU.

The British have sent a signal that could strengthen radical forces in other countries raising the spectre of disintegration. A further break-up of the EU is therefore not an unrealistic scenario. Nor is the break-up of the United Kingdom as Scotland’s bid for independence clearly shows. The conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper struck a more critical tone towards the UK in its editorial.

The Brexit is said to not only damage Britain and the EU as a whole economically, but also be a catastrophe for Germany. If Britain were to leave the EU, Germany would lose an important ally, one that is much admired by Germans.



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