The Guide to Apps for PR Pros

March 6 2017

For us PR pros, our smartphones are basically glued to our hands. Whether it’s emailing clients, checking the latest news alerts, posting to social media or searching for that contact we met at a networking event, our phones are often our most indispensable tool as communicators and help us provide even stronger service to our clients. Here’s a guide to the most productive apps for PR pros:


We’re all familiar with those extensive one line email chains that might simply be addressed with an offline conversation. Alleviating a clogged inbox, Slack is basically instant messaging for professionals so you can stay in touch with your team or your client’s team at all times.

PDF Converter

Finally, the article ran that you worked on for months! Even though you’re out of the office, you can’t wait a second longer to clip
and send it to your client. PDF Converter takes content and transforms it into a PDF while you’re on-the- go. It can also convert documents from your iCloud, mail and photos.


Is your drawer filled with business cards from two years ago? With CamCard, simply snap a photo of a business card and it pulls the contact information into a digital format. Now all your business cards can be in one place to easily find that contact.


Do you work in nonprofit PR? Then you must download Castle client’s free app connecting causes to the communities they care about. With open rates between 50 – 70 percent, it’s an even stronger way to engage supporters than with traditional social media channels.

AP Stylebook

Let’s face it, no one’s perfect and we all need to check our AP Stylebook from time-to-time. Instead of reaching for your dated one from college, you can double check your Oxford comma right on your phone. Fair warning – you may become even more of an AP Style stickler.


An easier way to read all your news including the latest local headlines, tech news, political updates and what your favorite celebrities are up to. With Flipboard you can favorite topics and publications that interest you so you can catch up on the very latest on the go.


What’s the future of pitching? Perhaps it’s through an app. UPitch is the Tinder for reporters and PR pros. Send your pitch out into the universe and a reporter can swipe if interested in covering your story. PR pros and journalists can chat directly in the app to expedite and secure the story.


Managing various client social media platforms takes a ton of work and coordination. The Hootsuite app allows you to constantly manage all your clients social media channels so you can instantly tweet out photos from events and respond to customer feedback.


For me, closely updated and organized to-do lists are my key to productivity. Wunderlist makes it easy for me to create, track and manage my lists both personally and professionally. It’s a great way to create immediate and long-term action item lists for each of your clients.


Because sometimes cooking is hard and ordering sushi after a long day is needed.

By Shayna Chapel, Senior Account Executive at The Castle Group
Courtesy of The Castle Group

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