Top 10 PR tools that make a difference in your productivity

August 12 2019

How often do you feel you’ve got too many things going on around you? Instead of getting straight to PR work, you suddenly find yourself doing 10 or 100 other things, just not the right one you should be doing? Or maybe it is difficult for you or your team to finish all tasks in the planned time slots? And you often find yourself wondering how to get it all done at once.

There are lots of practical software tools, offline or cloud-based, that might help reach higher productivity, or at least give better insight on daily tasks. Some of them were mentioned in a recent service and vendor survey done internally among PRGN agencies. Let us take a closer look at a few of these services, bearing in mind that not all of them are useful for PR activities only.


Cision, a most often mentioned service provider in our PRGN survey, is in fact an integrated public relations SaaS platform, that enables PR professionals to reach out to media and influencers to help spread their message. The Cision “PR suite” allows you to distribute press releases, access a constantly growing database of bloggers and journalists, as well as to monitor and analyze news and social media channels. Cision is also the owner of two other well-known services: PR Newswire and PRWeb.



The second most often mentioned online service by PRGN members. Called „the media intelligence platform”, combines the power of AI with the large source base on the media market. Meltwater allows users to benefit from its news and social media monitoring (on local and international scale), social media management, PR analyses, as well as reap from a world-wide database of journalists and influencers.


Sprout Social

A widely used social media management platform. Great for managing multiple accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) from one interface. Unlike other tools, Sprout aggregates posts into a single feed. Nice for social moderation. It allows users to interact and respond to messages directly from this feed. It also tracks which messages have been responded. Also incorporates some basic intelligence with its audience discovery function, which helps find accounts you should follow.



Another great social management tool, second most popular among PRGN agencies. Hootsuite is slightly more advanced then Sprout in the area of reporting. It divides social accounts into four basic views: posts, followers, engagement, and metrics. Good for mothly post-planning, allows import from Excel content calendar.



A huge and powerful service. Originally developed as an SEO tool working as a browser extension, SEMrush is a cloud-based digital marketing software. It provides intelligence on website traffic, keywords and topic research, projected AdWords spend, SEO website audit and optimisation advices and lead generation. SEMrush was mentioned as being used by at least eight agencies in a recent PRGN service and vendor survey.


After this international roundup, now let’s take a closer look at home and list the services and applications we at OneMulti use for enriching our productivity in public relations and content marketing:



An interactive press-room helping reach journalists in a very dynamic, modern way. Instant information about emails openings by the journalists. Easy to use journalist’s database system. Great for quick launch of a brand journal or a marketing hub with branded content. Good integration with social media.


SEM Storm

Great tool for your content marketing activities. Keywords search, content editor (automated content check, improves your content to be SEO effective), websites audit, multiple metrics check, rank tracking). Nice tool for the SEO friendly press releases and online articles.


Brand 24

Internet monitoring and listening tool in real time. Social insights, mention analytics, influence score, sentiment analysis. Brand24 gives instant access to mentions about a brand across the web, from social networks to influential publishers, including bloggers and civic journalism media.



Nice tool that helps you with information on any given website traffic, number of visits, bounce rate, pages per visit, average visit duration, sources of traffic, referring sites, destinations, etc. You can understand better the strength of targeted sites (news and content as well).



Social media analytics & reporting platform. With SoTrender, you can easily discover insights within your social data that go far beyond the usual metrics provided by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  SoTrender shows where and how conversations take place, which content performs the best and how your audience engages with it.


Mariusz Pleban
CEO, Top 10 PR tools that make a difference in your productivity
Mariusz Pleban is CEO of OneMulti agency. On a daily basis he works with such brands as Volkswagen, Continental and Xiaomi. He is a fan of modern technologies. He is also engaged in the promotion of electromobility. Mariusz is an expert and strategist in the field of PR communication and content marketing. Associated with OneMulti for over 20 years, he has worked for such brands as Huawei, Shell, Michelin, Unilever and many others. Mariusz is also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw.

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