Top 50 shortest definitions and synonyms of Public Relations

September 16 2019

Many times we were in a situation where we had to tell our parents or friends what we were doing for living. More than once we used to get into long (read – very long) stories about our profession. We gave extensive definitions. We used a lot of words. And we still saw that our beloved ones had no idea what we were talking about and understand what we were doing in life.

And yet it was possible to be short and concise.

Therefore, especially for you, we analyzed the highest indexing articles in Google with the definitions of public relations quoted by PR experts. Then we have highlighted the essence and cut off the rest.

In this way we have achieved a long list of short definitions and synonyms for public relations.

So here we go.

Public relations is…

  1. Reputation management
  2. Reputation creation
  3. Opinion shaping
  4. Shifting audience attitude
  5. Changing or maintaining the way of thinking
  6. Influencing public opinion
  7. Influencing somebody’s opinion
  8. Public attitudes shaping
  9. Trust building
  10. Earning public understanding
  11. Earning public acceptance
  12. Natural human communication
  13. Interpersonal communication
  14. Information transparency
  15. Convincing others
  16. Telling real stories
  17. Making facts understood
  18. Company’s purpose communication
  19. Relations with people
  20. Eye opening communication
  21. Awareness building
  22. Attracting attention
  23. Public image building
  24. Audience relationship building
  25. Creating lasting relationship
  26. Inside out & outside in
  27. Reaching people’s minds
  28. Explaining complexity of reality
  29. Public & organization adaption
  30. Organization’s messages management
  31. Company’s voice and face
  32. Nursing human connections
  33. Building relationship
  34. Getting third party endorsement
  35. News impact maximization & minimization
  36. Connecting organization & people
  37. Public conversation participation
  38. Market presence exposure
  39. Wisdom & knowhow showcasing
  40. Reputation & issues management
  41. Becoming a corporate citizen
  42. Relations
  43. Communicating through the earned media
  44. Stakeholders communication
  45. Conversation
  46. Dialogue with audience
  47. Story leadership
  48. Sharing relevant news
  49. Information distribution
  50. Damage control discipline

As it turns out, you can tell your friends or family about our field very briefly. Probably you will not be able to present the details of your work in this way. However, you will certainly be able to close the topic faster and move smoothly forward with your conversation.

In the end you want to be treated as an expert, not a bore, don’t you?

PS: We are sure you can add some more of your favorites. If so – leave your comment below or share it with us on social media channels.

Mariusz Pleban
CEO, Top 50 shortest definitions and synonyms of Public Relations
Mariusz Pleban is CEO of OneMulti agency. On a daily basis he works with such brands as Volkswagen, Continental and Xiaomi. He is a fan of modern technologies. He is also engaged in the promotion of electromobility. Mariusz is an expert and strategist in the field of PR communication and content marketing. Associated with OneMulti for over 20 years, he has worked for such brands as Huawei, Shell, Michelin, Unilever and many others. Mariusz is also a lecturer at the University of Warsaw.

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