Throughout my all-most 20 years in the communications game, I have been participating in many business networks – national as well as international.

These networks have contributed to many learnings and business connections, but also to some important realizations. These became particularly obvious, when I became active in the leadership of Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) four years ago, and learned how much the activities in PRGN differ from those in other international networks.

In other international networks, I have often had the experience that partner agencies have discussed and articulated the network and its members to clients. But that there rarely has been a real knowledge exchange or corporation between agencies across the globe.

Consult one agency and get back-up from 49 others

In PRGN it’s quite another picture. Our many – and frequently used – online discussions groups, chats, teams and best practise debates combined with our semi-annual global face-to-face meetings lead to an in-depths professional knowledge sharing. As well as to lifelong friendship between agency owners and leading employees. Our global meetings strengthen knowledge sharing and sharing of best practice at the highest level possible. Furthermore, we also drive our knowledge sharing technologically. Amongst other things in form of a confidential database of client cases from all over the world, from which we can all draw.
This combination of our digital and face-to-face interaction provide our clients with the worlds best advisors from 50 agencies when consulting one of us.

I have previously experienced that partner agencies in other international networks have not taken advantage of the opportunity to real corporation cross national or regional borders, thus not enabling creation of real international network value for their clients.
In PRGN, I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that our clients around the globe receive, what they’ve been promised, when they choose an agency that prides itself for international networks, experiences and acquaintances.

I’m so proud of what we have created in PRGN in the past 25 years – and today can offer to our clients; A real international network with a team of passionate communications experts from every corner of the world, working together to take PR, communications and marketing to the highest level possible. Creating amazing results for our clients.

As President, my goal is to continue to support and work to strengthen this amazing and real international network. However, as PRGN is a shining example of, the best results are gained by cooperation. Therefore, I would like to use this post to invite you to participate with suggestions, new ideas and thoughts which can help continue and develop PRGN, so we can proudly continue to call ourselves “The Worlds Local Agency”.

6 thoughts on “Why PRGN Works

  1. Well communicated, Christina. At LCI in San Francisco, we often tell our clients that one of our differentiators is that our team works on a multitude of clients in different industries – which allows us to bring new ideas to many clients. But when you layer in the added resources and knowledge of the entire Public Relations Global Network, you have the mindshare of nearly 1,000 PR professionals spread across the globe – which means even more creative ideas. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Cheers, David Landis, LCI, San Francisco

  2. In this day and age collaboration is essential. Certainly, with PRGN the global reach gives the entire organization a stronger breadth of expertise all at our own fingertips! Thanks Christina for frameworking this so well!

  3. It is always great to be able to tell a client or prospect that, “yes, we have a partner there, someone I see at least two times each year, who will deliver exceptional results.” It’s also rewarding to see how the Public Relations Global Network has grown and adapted over its 25-year history.

  4. Great post, Christina. We’re proud to be a part of PRGN with the best agencies in the world and your summation of how our network puts to work more than 900 brilliant minds for our clients is spot on.

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