Who are the Top PR Agencies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico?

July 15 2019

Ah, North America! Home of the natural wonders of Canada, beloved cuisine of Mexico and general craziness of the United States. Within these disparate, yet adjacent, countries lie a host of communications agencies with subspecialties in practically every industry. The question is: how do you find the best PR agencies in North America for your specific business needs?

Communications networks make it easy for businesses to find a solution to their needs, no matter what the industry, market or scope of work. We might be biased, but of those networks, we think the Public Relations Global Network leads the way. Need an agency focused on OEM for the auto industry?  Bianchi PR in Detroit has you covered. Introducing a new wireless provider to Mexico?  Check in with Another Company in Mexico. Craving some chocolate snacks in Canada? The folks at Media Profile probably have some Reese’s in the kitchen that they munch on while promoting the Hershey brands.

One of the advantages of belonging to an international network of independently-owned agencies is being able to tap the resources of global PR professionals to help navigate new industries, functions, ideas or trade-specific media. Plus, you have professionals who truly know and understand the DNA of their individual markets. For example, LCI in San Francisco called on HMA in Phoenix for some industry intelligence while pitching a tribal casino, since HMA has worked with Native American tribes for decades. Often, partner agencies team up to provide national support with boots-on-the-ground in target markets. Just ask Domino’s Pizza or InClinica. These are two big brands who appreciated that multiple practitioners in several different markets worked together but provided coordinated yet regional know-how to successfully navigate market-specific challenges.

Who are the top PR agencies in North America? We’re proud to say that if you look at the PRGN members – they are right there. Want to peruse all the North American PRGN partner agencies?  Visit our regional page here: https://www.prgn.com/region/north-america/

Brianne Murphy Miller is Director of Business Development at Landis Communications, Inc.

Brianne Miller
Director, Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)
Brianne has been leading the new business charge at LCI for 20 years and has spent most of her career helping clients target the right audience for their message. Her experience includes work in technology, healthcare, consumer goods and services, non-profit and food.