What are ways to ensure that I get the most out of my relationship with my PR agency?


As clients and agencies begin a long-term relationship, both teams need to ensure that they can work together. Like any relationship, this takes time and effort. A strong pair needs to establish trust, challenge each other and collaborate. Get to know each other as people, then learn how to leverage each other’s skills to produce positive results.

After the goals have been established and agreed upon, it’s important to think strategically and move forward. Revisit goals often to see if progress has been made and evaluate the efficiency of methods in place. If you envision how things “should be” more often, the more clarity you have to change the way things are done in the present. Schedule weekly calls and reports so that both teams are on the same page. Over-communicate to make sure the relationship is developing in a healthy way. Keep updates on goals and measurable objectives, and be accessible so no one is left in the dark on the progress of a project. Ultimately, share as much information as possible to make sure all parties are maximizing their potential.