Five Reasons to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

March 6 2017

It is always easier to reach your destination when you know where you want to go. Social media editorial calendars can map your social media strategy down a successful path. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why social media editorial calendars work for us and why we suggest adding them to your social media strategy.

1. Organization

With all of the content available online, it is easy for your target audience to feel overwhelmed and get lost in a sea of information. With a clear and effective editorial calendar, you can determine what information is worth sharing with your followers.

Events and timely news should always take precedence over other topics. Without an editorial calendar your day-to-day posting can easily become disorganized and ineffective. It is important to maintain your focus.

2. Key Messages

Provide useful information. Yes, entertainment, enlightenment and education are essential for most brands. Yet you also don’t want to lose sight of the core mission of your organization. Social media should be an extension of your core values and business practices. Regardless of what your mission is, use social media to reinforce that message with your followers.

3. Scheduling/ Timing

If insightful posts are made on Facebook and no one reads them, is it a worthy post? Scheduling when to post can be just as important as the content. Editorial calendars help you determine the time. With use over time, you will gain insights as to when your audience interacts most with your posts.

Use analytics to understand when your followers are active, and when they are likely to interact.

4. Collaboration

Many larger organizations are starting to engage social media teams. Social media management is something that smaller organizations handle by people in various departments. When there are multiple cooks, in the kitchen it is important to make sure everyone is working from the same recipe. A social media editorial calendar will ensure that no matter what the size of the team coordinating your social media campaign, you will be successful.

5. Approvals

Team collaboration is much easier when there is one person to ensure key messages are conveyed and your brand is maintained and/or strengthened. Social media editorial calendars make that task easier by collecting all the posts in a single place to gain approval before they appear online.

No matter how big your organization is, social media editorial calendars can and will simplify your social media presence, while maintaining your brand and increasing your search engine optimization.

By Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc.

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