Win 2017 With These End-of-Year PR Tips

December 18 2017

Everyone knows the best time to plan is the beginning of each year. But, the end of the year offers some unique opportunities too. How can you maximize your brand in the 4th quarter? Here are a few End-of-the-Year PR and Social Media PR Tips.

1. What is Trending? Get Brand recognition by paying attention to what is trending at the end of the year. Is it “World Smile Day” and your chain of healthcare companies offers dental? There is your angle! Find a trending story and make it your own. Hashtag away on your social media platforms.

2. Who needs help? The 4th quarter is the time of year for giving. With what charities does your company align? Who do you have a passion to help? The homeless? Children? Immigrants? Choose a charity that aligns you’re your company’s Community Outreach mission and partner with them.

3. Announcements for 2018? There is no time like the present to make your announcement for the newest program/product/service you will be offering in 2018. Get a jump on the competition and make it happen.

4. Lessons Learned in 2017. What were the biggest stories of the year and what did we learn? Write a bylined article and/or a blog that summarizes the top 3 or 4 stories and what we would do differently or how we can prepare better the next time. This positions you as an expert in your specific industry.

5. Internal Communications Intake. Let’s not forget the ones who are closest to you—your team that communicates to your target audience every day! When is the last time you surveyed them to find out what they think worked best for the company in 2017, and what didn’t. What key messages are getting lost in translation or nonexistent? Maximize your Communications Plan’s forward momentum by engaging and listening to your staff who are where the “rubber hits the road” every day with your customers/clients.

6. External Communications Survey. Just as you took a good look at your internal communications strategies and plan, do the same with your target markets. Create a survey that is short, sweet and can help you better define your company or modify your messaging. You may be able to turn it into a press release, but at the very least, you will create your own SWOT analyses.

It is never too late to maximize your brand, increase your communications outreach and fine tune your messaging. Take the 4th quarter to set priorities, take an honest look at your company, your company’s brand, talk to your team and plan for 2018.

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