PRGN EMEA Agencies Form Partnership for Enhanced Global Lobbying Services

April 17 2024

Brussels/Nairobi – The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced today that two of its members in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region have formed a partnership to address global lobbying challenges and empower organizations in Africa and Europe to navigate regulatory complexities and drive policy impact effectively.

The two PRGN member firms, Newmark Group, a leading pan-African integrated marketing communications firm based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Athenora Consulting, a European public affairs consultancy headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, proudly announce their strategic partnership to elevate public affairs and lobbying services on a global scale.

PRGN President Andy See

“This groundbreaking collaboration represents a significant leap forward for both firms as they enhance their expertise and offer comprehensive government affairs consulting services across continents,” said PRGN President Andy See. “This partnership between two PRGN member agencies in the EMEA region is another testimony of PRGN’s position as an accelerator of growth. The global network offers various platforms for agencies to grow their capabilities and business offering across borders and industries. I applaud Athenora and Newmark for the initiative and I am convinced their joint expertise will offer unmatched opportunities for companies and organizations in Africa and Europe.”

The partnership will involve reciprocal referrals between Newmark Group and Athenora Consulting, enabling each firm to expand its reach and offer comprehensive services to clients seeking public affairs and support in the African and European markets. The two firms will leverage their expertise and networks to attract clients globally and capitalize on existing relationships within PRGN.

Global statistics show companies and organizations have been increasing their spend on lobbying, public affairs and government relations services in recent years, as more and more industries come under regulatory scrutiny. Europe, and especially the European Union, takes a leading role regulating artificial intelligence, sustainability and other sectors, underscoring the increasing demand for strategic public affairs services. In response, the partnership between Newmark Group and Athenora Consulting aims to address these challenges head-on by offering tailored consulting services to clients and governments seeking to navigate regulatory frameworks and engage with EU institutions effectively.

Gilbert Manirakiza
Gilbert Manirakiza, The Newmark Group

“We are thrilled to join forces with Athenora Consulting to strengthen our public affairs and lobbying capabilities,” said Gilbert Manirakiza, CEO of the Newmark Group, who hailed the partnership as a transformative milestone. “In today’s rapidly evolving communications landscape, many African and European organizations face challenges navigating government relations and influencing policy outcomes. By harnessing Athenora’s expertise and extensive European networks, we are poised to empower our clients and elevate our service offerings to higher levels.”

The collaboration will see the two firms host stakeholder events, webinars and institutional engagements to facilitate knowledge sharing and explore lobbying opportunities in Africa seeking EU support. Additionally, comprehensive training programs will enhance clients’ understanding of EU institutions and advocacy techniques.

Natacha Clarac, Athenora Consulting

“Our partnership with Newmark Group will unlock unprecedented opportunities for clients in Africa and Europe to refine their strategies and navigate regulatory complexities,” said Natacha Clarac, Director General of Athenora Consulting. “Through joint activities such as stakeholder events and engagement at institutional levels like the Pan-African Parliament and African Union, we will leverage Newmark’s extensive African network to drive meaningful impact and foster dialogue on a global scale.”

Through this strategic alliance, clients will be equipped to navigate regulatory complexities and advocate for meaningful policy changes on a global stage, reinforcing their position as leaders in their respective industries.

About Newmark Group

The Newmark Group Limited is a specialized communication, advisory and technology management firm that enables brands to mobilize their internal and external stakeholders to achieve their goals. With a footprint in over 30 African countries and global scalability through PRGN, The Newmark Group brings a multicultural and authentically localized approach to messaging, outreach and engagement.

About Athenora Consulting

Athenora Consulting is a leading independent European public affairs firm based in Brussels, offering unparalleled expertise in EU affairs to the Public Relations Global Network.

About the Public Relations Global Network

Founded in 1992, PRGN is one of the world’s largest international networks of independent public relations and communications agencies, with approximately 900 professionals in more than 70 locations. PRGN partners are independent, local, owner-operated public relations and marketing communications firms that share expertise and resources while providing broad-based comprehensive communications strategies to clients worldwide.

Companies or organizations interested in PRGN’s local agency network services can visit its Agency Directory section for more information. Independent agencies interested in joining the network can visit the member recruitment section of the PRGN website for more information.


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