The World Cup Final Interview

July 11 2014

Germany vs. Argentina


Dominique Biquard
Argentinean PRGN partner agency Identia PR, Dominique Biquard

Industrie-Contact CEO, PRGN President and football/soccer addict Uwe Schmidt from Germany, has interviewed the head of the Argentinean PRGN partner agency Identia PR, Dominique Biquard, about the upcoming World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro.


Uwe: Dominique, the 2 football super powers Argentina and Germany play the World Cup final in Brazil: Is this a suprise for you? How has the perception of the Argentinian team been in your country during the World Cup, and how do you see the German “Mannschaft”?

Dominique: We are very excited about playing the World Cup final. Sunday’s match with three-time World Cup winner Germany will be our fifth appearance in the final, with two battles with the Germans. We have a superb team and excellent players like top scorer and captain Messi, goal keeper hero Romero along with Mascherano, Higuain and Demichelis to name a few. I am positive they will give everything and play at 100 percent in order to win. It will definitely be a rough contest between two traditional football heavyweights!

Uwe Schmidt
Uwe Schmidt, Industrie-Contact AG CEO and PRGN President

Uwe: How has the World Cup feeling been in Argentina? How has the country celebrated this global event?

Dominique: Argentina has made it to the  final for the first time in 24 years! People are euphoric and hoping for the World Cup triumph after winning in 1986. Fans gathered all along the country, at historic monuments like the Obelisco in the City of Buenos Aires and elsewhere in the provinces to celebrate. Streets were full in just a matter of minutes with cars beeping their horns and waving the “Albiceleste“ Argentine flag, singing with joy.

Uwe: Has the World Cup had a big marketing and PR dimension in Argentina?

Dominique: Definitely. Football is the most popular sport in Argentina and there has been a lot of excitement around the World Cup, visible across advertising, PR, social media and retail.

Uwe: Dominique, muchas gracias, what do you hope most for the World Cup final?

Dominique: I want to see Argentina as champion, of course, but above all an entertaining and challenging match!


Das Interview zum WM-Finale 2014 was first published in German on IC’s (Industrie-Contact) blog.

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