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Millennials vs. Gen Z – The Importance of Generational Marketing

By Natalie Ghidotti - Ghidotti

We used to think of Millennials and Gen Z-ers as, well, the young people in our lives, but in recent months the difference between the two generations has become a viral topic. Open any social media platform and you’ll see one generation mocking the other about clothing and hairstyle choices, but the differences between the two...

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Side Parts and Sippy Cups: Speaking the Language of Millennial Moms

By Lauren Reed - REED

Millennial moms are more than their skinny jeans. Eighty percent of children in the U.S. are born to millennial mothers, and with moms controlling 85% of household purchasing decisions, millennial moms grasp about $2.4 trillion in spending power, according to Forbes. Communicating with millennial moms requires rethinking your biases and reworking marketing strategies to ensure alignment...

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