How Workplace Culture Can Lead to Improved Performance and Better Results

Approaches to aligning corporate culture have been significantly changing over the past several years. However, with the advent of the pandemic, all current processes have accelerated: the accumulated problems have become more prominent and new challenges required a quick shift in the focus of attention. In general, a trend towards awareness, self-cognition and self-development appeared … Read More

The New Chapters You Should Add to Your Crisis Handbook After Covid-19

Crisis communications as a public relations practice stands out not just in the execution of high level strategies at an amplified pace, but because every crisis communications scenario serves as a stress test for that organization. Whether that crisis plays out in the headlines or gets managed internally, everyone immediately recognizes what worked… and what … Read More

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2020

Recently a list of the best social media campaigns of 2020 has been revealed and it includes campaigns from globally renowned brands such as Spotify, PlayStation, Bud Light, Ocean Spray, Heineken, Netflix and Pringles. Rightly so, the campaigns offered significant insight to communication pros not just because of the brand name behind the campaigns but … Read More

How to Successfully Host a Hybrid Event

Once upon a time, we only talked about “hybrid” in science class. Today, the word is ubiquitous. In any language, we’re referring that in-between world blending in-person and remote – in the classroom, office and, yes, events.  Ready or not, hybrid events are in your future; depending on where you are, maybe sooner than later. … Read More

Public Relations Global Network Endorses UNESCO Declaration on a Healthier, Viable, Better World

Global communications group joins initiative calling for communications professionals to do their part in face of the global pandemic, climate emergency and future threats facing mankind The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) today joined an initiative endorsed by Orbicom, the network of UNESCO chairs in communications, and called the “International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers … Read More

2020 – The Year of Crisis

What a year.  2020 might as well have been “the year of crisis.” Or maybe it was just one big 365-day crisis. It certainly felt like it, as The Castle Group’s crisis communications practice managed more than 100 crises for 57 clients in 19 states and two countries. As we reflect on 2020, we all … Read More

Being Purpose Driven: The New Imperative to Reinventing Businesses Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted the marketplace and accelerated the move towards digitization, which is now embraced even by traditional “brick and mortar” industries. Digital transformation is certainly the first imperative for businesses and brands to reimagine themselves for the new marketplace in this Covid-19 era. In fact, businesses, big or small (including mom … Read More

Expand Your Monitoring, and Brand, With Social Listening Tools

Possibly right now, more than ever, social listening is an important aspect of your brand and reputation, and even your clients’ brand and reputation. As the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns still continue to affect our day-to-day lives, businesses, nonprofits, schools, shopping, entertainment habits and more, people are turning online to engage with one another and … Read More

How to be Pro When Doing PR for Aviation?

While I’m writing this, the vast majority of all commercial passenger aircraft are grounded as global and domestic travel is mostly prohibited. However, once this picture changes, airlines will need to quickly regain the trust of passengers and get back into a professional communications mode. This is when communications agencies can step in. But what … Read More

Some of the Worst Brand Messages in Covid-19 Times

Brands often miss it even when the environment changes so radically and visibly around them. PRGN’s Philadelphia agency Buchanan Public Relations shows a few examples how bad timing or bad wording backfires when brands continue to communicate without caution in times of crisis. Read More

Social Media Tips to Navigate Virus Crisis

Change your social media strategy drastically when your environment is doing the same and is going for a crisis – says PRGN’s North Carolina agency, S&A Communications, in its latest blog piece. And offers the three key steps to help make the change in the right direction. Read More

Social Platforms Speed Up in Times of Crisis

Social media platforms are taking advantage that Covid-19 is attracting record number of visitors to them. HMA Public Relations – PRGN’s founding member in Arizona – has taken a look at what innovations and socially responsible messages the platforms are airing at the time of the global public health crisis. Read More

Working from home: Advice from PRGN members around the globe

A growing number of office workers around the globe have been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and this trend is likely to continue for some time. Many of the 1,000-plus employees from PRGN’s 50 global agencies are already accustomed to remote work scenarios. We’re happy to share their advice for … Read More

Readers and writers, watch out for fake news in crisis

With Covid-19 dominating the media, Industrie-Contact, PRGN’s member agency in Germany, is taking a look at how readers – and writers – of news can stay away from fake news and keep mentally sound and focused. Critical skills in times of crisis. Read More

PR Tips not just for auto suppliers but all B2B companies

PRGN’s Detroit agency Bianchi PR shares their top PR advices for automakers for the time of the coronavirus crisis. Their nine tips – from handling customers respectfully to how to change course of scheduled launches and events – offer advice to all B2B companies on rerouting communication in these troubled times. Read More

Making the Most of WFH

Experienced remote worker and executive vice president of PRGN’s Chicago agency, Shannon Quinn offers her personal advice on how to stay effective and balanced when making the big change to work from home for a while now. Read More

How is Coronavirus Impacting Newsrooms?

Working with the media in times of a widespread crisis is tricky. Brands reaching out to journalists in the front line of the global pandemic must find the right tone and content. Three Box Strategic Communications, PRGN’s Dallas agency, tells how to engage with the media with Covid-19 all around us. Read More

What the Public – and Clients – Want to Hear in a Crisis

Recipients of crisis communications messages all seek similar things, no matter if from business leaders or government officials. PRGN’s Philadelphia agency Buchanan Public Relations offers six key elements in any critical communication around Covid-19, including some example wordings that go with their tips. Read more

Working from home under Covid-19 – How to Adjust

PRGN’s Boston and Atlanta agency The Castle Group collected nine tried and tested advices from its staffers who had been working remotely well before the pandemic forced companies to introduce WFH policies. See their guide to the big adjustment. Read more